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What is a Gallstone and Their Uses In Medicine?

aawhat is cow Gallstones

What is a Gallstone

To some, the stone may be some mythological property only used in wizarding potions. For others Who don’t know the real value, they’re nothing more than a nuisance that should be disposed of immediately.

The markets in Asia, bezoars, or ox gallstones, as they are also said to worth more than gold.

 As the name suggests, They are formed in the gallbladder of the Cow or Ox or Bison.

Cow GallBladder

 They are usually round, triangular, also square in shape, vary in size and are usually a yellowish-red to brown-orange in color.

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  The stones also have a long history of being used in Chinese medicine, and in other medicines around the world.

What is Cow Gallstones

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