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Know cow gallstones & their successful usage in different medicines

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According to some people, bezoars or cow gallstones only came with mythological features. And they were popular as a means to wizard potions!  And for others, these are nothing but an annoyance that required to be disposed of immediately.

But do you know in some Asian markets cow gallstones are considered to be more valuable than gold? It is true, and they have been used in Chinese and other medicines all over the world for a long.  Only these lines may not provide you with satisfactory information about this excellent item. Keep on reading and learn more.

 Cow gallstones: History, Medicinal Use, and Probable Side Effects

 The glorious history of cow gallstones

We find the name of this product in the age-old writing of Shen Nong’s Herbal Classic. The history of this writing dates back to 206 BCE. The dwellers of the Andes Mountains were accustomed to the usage of bezoars before the arrival of the Europeans. In Persian and Greek cultures, gallstones were used for curing poisons.

Even Greek medicines had found magical properties in these stones. And some even also found gallstones capable of curing the men’s virility and women’s infertility.

After the introduction of gallstones to Europe in the 12th century, they become popular as jewelry. Bovine gallstones were believed to come with charms that may save people from the evil forces.

Medicinal usage of cow gallstones

You may think of how gallstones have become successful in retaining the relevance in today’s advanced medicine world.  But this specific product has made it possible excellently curing these ailments.

Good for heart- Bezoars come with a rejuvenating property and they clear heart. For this purpose, many medicines use gallstones, to remove delirium and phlegm.

Cure throat issues- Different studies have proven the capacity of gallstone in curing throat related problems. It may help in healing boils, swollen throats, sores, and other issues.

Useful for Children– Vomiting, diarrhea, convulsions, fever are common amidst the children. And gallstone treats all these ailments potently.

Treat meningitis- Gallstones improve utility when mixed with buffalo or rhino horns. Different mediations use this combination to treat meningitis, encephalitis, and so on.

Potent treatment for vitamin deficiencies- Cow bile is rich in essential vitamins A, D, and K. Anyone suffering from the deficiency of them may intake gallstone pills.

Possible side effects

Now we have reached the last part of the discussion. Get introduced to some tentative side effects of the ox gallstones. But, don’t get tensed!  With the proper administration, you may eliminate them easily.

Overdosing of bezoars can increase the gastrointestinal motility that may lead you to severe issues like convulsions.

The effects of gallstones may reduce the working capacity of the pathways that help in proper blood flowing. Bezoars may cause a drop in blood pressure, and the hemoglobin may decrease.

Improper dosage of gallstones may lead you to coma and eventually death-causing respiratory failure.

So, before administering the gallstone pills, consider consulting with experts to cure these ailments easily.