Seahorse- Some Extraordinary Facts About This Charismatic Marine Animal

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Available both in the temperate and the tropical water, the seahorse is probably the most distinctive marine animal. Ranging in a variety of lengths (from one inch to one foot), it has always remained a favorite amid the seafood lovers.

Dry seahorses are famous for their deliciousness and popular in Asian cuisine. However, alive seahorses are always in the center of interest for their charming nature. Go through some of these characteristics in the continuing segment of this blog.

Some Never-Known Facts About Charming Seahorses

They Are Fish Indeed!

The lack of scales and odd anatomical shape causes difficulty in considering them as fishes. It does not matter how deceiving the look is they are fish. Seahorses come with swim bladders, and they make use of gills to breathe under the water. The bony makeup of seahorse makes them hard to digest for the other fishes. Except for some crabs, with sharp pincers and humans, other species find difficulty in having seahorse.

Monogamist Nature

You can find real romance in the seahorse world!  Seahorse couples are monogamists, and they prefer to stick to one for the lifetime. Being committed to one makes them able to go through different reproduction cycles.

Ritualistic dance is another interesting characteristic of seahorse. Each morning these couples greet each other by a rhythmic and beautiful dance. Probably they are the only animal who proves humans are not the only species that date.

They Can Move In All Directions

Marine animal, but awful swimmers!  It might sound odd, but this is surprisingly true for the seahorses. The tiny fins in their back’s middle make them the slowest moving of all fishes.

However, they may not swim like pros, but you can’t ignore their unique nature. They can move in different directions. Believe it or not, seahorse not only moves forward but also down, up, and backward.

You Can’t Ignore Their Skill

When it comes to swimming speed, you can’t consider them as dexterous. But that does not mean seahorses are less competent. Seahorse tails come with amazing flexibility, and they anchor themselves to seaweed to take the rest.

At times they use these tails for wrapping up their partners!  This aspect of seahorses makes them great hitchhikers. They are incapable of traveling long distances alone, but linking them to floating objects can eliminate this issue. With the help of this quality, seahorses can travel to new destinations.

While all these features make seahorses fascinating marine animals, all of us should keep one thing in mind.  This adorable marine animal is dependent on us. We have to save them from the different pressing threats, such as ocean trash.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, all this information about this amazing marine species will bring a change in your perception of them. And if you find an interest in satisfying your taste with seahorses, deal with us. Our store stocks the freshest and clean dried seahorse that will add extra delicacy to your food.

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