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Dried seahorses has long been a precious medicine for men. Listed in enhancing sexual function. So, using dried seahorses good? And how to use this medicine to bring the highest efficiency. seahorse weight, seahorse food for sale. So, get seahorse chinese medicine, seahorse size.

What are seahorses? 

Seahorses are small saltwater fish belonging to the family Syngnathidae. Which includes pipe-fish and sea dragons. So, seahorse is a vertebrate species in brackish water in order Perciformes. family Syngnathidae, meaning “jaws”, Hippocampus, which means “sea horse”. So, you can find seahorses in the grass sea, mangroves, coral reefs, and estuaries.
Seahorses live in tropical and temperate waters throughout the world’s tropical agriculture. Vertical ones, swimming pipefish can range in size from 0.6 inches (1.5 centimeters) to 14 inches (35 cm) length. So, where can i buy dried seahorse? contact us.
Seahorses are one of the world’s cultures. In Mexico, for example, there is a legend. It says that the hippocampus is a man to escape his pursuers, fled into the sea, placing his sandals in his waist belt in the back. In Hawaiian culture, the hippocampus has long been a sign of eternal friendship. National Association of Epilepsy has a seahorse for its mascot. (for part of the brain is vulnerable from seizures like a seahorse in shape). Tatsunoko production and animation company in Japan, has a seahorse in its logo. seahorse weight, seahorse food for sale, seahorse chinese medicine, seahorse size
Dried seahorses helps in the treatment of fatigue, Asthenia. Inflammation or abscess throat, phlegm; respiratory diseases, asthma

For medicine

Dried seahorse is effective in regulating human blood, kidney pitch for men. At the same time, the effects of dry seahorse is also reflected in the crystal cell therapy. knee and back pain, fatigue infertility in women, men. That’s why you can consider dried seahorses as “Viagra” for men. In addition, the hippo-campus is also used to treat back pain, pimples … and it is a remedy for impotence treatment is effective.
There are many ways used to cure dried seahorses as: maraschino, porridge or ground into flour. In particular, using alcohol soaked dried seahorses are the most common.
The main material: 30g seahorse, Ginseng 30g, 20g complementary dark core, longan 20g.
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