Particulars You Always Wanted To Know About Cow gallstones

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Cow gallstones have always remained the center of the attraction, especially amidst the seafood enthusiasts. You might not be an exception at all. The moment you hear ‘’cow gallstones’’ lots of questions might hover into your mind. What are they? Can they be used for any good purpose and so on. In today’s blog, I have dig into these questions and found some interesting answers!! Keep on reading.

Cow gallstones- Definition

They come in the form of hard and small masses. These gallstones can be found in the gallbladders of cows after the bile gets filtered without any special processing. They become ready for sale after being dried. The drying process focuses on eliminating the moisture from them.

Gallstones are retailed in natural forms by different seafood shops without getting processed. According to the experts, gallstones form in cattle due to the problems between the liver and heart.

Use Of Cow Gallstones

The demand for Natural and unprocessed cow gallstones is very high in Chinese medicines. Reportedly, 100 metric tons of gallstones are required by the Chinese pharmaceutical industry every year. The domestic supply of gallstones revolves barely about 1 MT.

These days, the insufficient supply of the natural gallstones has triggered the appearance of synthetic ones. Now two types of synthetic gallstones are available on the market. One is artificially cultured, and another type is based upon the chemical ingredients.

The artificial ones focus on filling the demand for natural ones and have become an essential substance in Chinese medicines. But the medicinal value of the artificial gallstones is not comparable to the natural ones at all. This shortage in the supply has resulted in an increased rate of natural gallstones.

Cow Gallstones In The USA

The cattle industry of the USA is an expansive one, slaughtering near about thirty-nine million heads every year. The beef processing plants over there get encouragement to explore the chances of gallstones collection and production process. Importers of Chinese herbs and medicines all over the world remain keen to bring this item from the USA. The exporters over there also show a great interest in this business.

The U.S exports of the gallstones don’t need to give any health certificates for completing the shipments. But the receiver should come with a valid license.

More About Cow Gallstones

This item is extremely rare, and besides the Chinese medicines, Asian medicines also make use of them to prepare medicines.  Different health benefits offered by gallstones make them one of the most sought after items in so many medicines.

Researchers have found rejuvenating properties in gallstones. And they are also useful for treating meningitis and throat problems.

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