Here’s Some Information On Dried Anchovies Probably You Did Not Know!

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Don’t turn away from the anchovies only considering their diminutive size!  Stuffed with essential nutrients, such as iodine, calcium, they can be beneficial for our health. And dried anchovies are no exception. They are considered as delicious food and one of the most frequently used ingredients in Korean items. To find out more enthralling information about this item, go through the continuing segment of this blog.

Information on anchovies

Anchovy refers to a slender, tiny warm water fish, could be found near the coastal areas of different oceans. The other names of anchovy are pinhead, anchoveta, and so on. It is a pelagic fish that feed on the zooplanktons. Anchovies come with long snouts overhanging their large lower mouth.

Dried anchovies as food

As said before, anchovies in the dried forms work as an essential substance in the Korean items. They use this item both for the preparation of stock and the side dishes. Besides, in raw form, they are popular for making the fermented fishes.  Since anchovies  are composed of calcium, Korean people consider them as ‘’ King of Calcium”.

The cooking methods of anchovies vary depending on the size. Big size fishes, a.k.a (Dasi-myulchi in the Korean language ) are essential ingredients in the main Korean items.  And small ones are suitable for preparing the side dishes.

Besides, anchovies in small quantities also flavor different dishes. The powerful flavor of this fish makes it a component of many fish sauces. Here the list does not end. To make pizzas tastier, using anchovies as toppings are also very common. You can also have the dried anchovies as snacks without cooking.

Preparation of dishes using dried anchovies

When it comes to making any item with fresh-caught small anchovies, you don’t need to take any extra burden. They require a little preparation. In case you are going to deal with larger ones follow some steps.

Before adding them to any item, remove the spine, head, and innards carefully. Then wash them in the running water to eliminate other impurities and scales.  Give sufficient time in cleaning to make it flawless.

You can use them directly both in the side and main dishes. In most Asian cuisines, deep-fried anchovies are well known for delicacy.

In cases you have bought salt-packed anchovies from the market, you need to be extra careful about the cleaning. Don’t forget to wash them properly, under the flowing tap water.  You also can steep them in plain water for tenderizing. It would allow you to add them to dishes easily. If you want to enhance the flavor, steep them gently in wine, vinegar, or milk for 30- 45 minutes.

Bottom line

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