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Buy dry seahorse & Cow Gallstones, Dry fish maw, Dried Gecko, Cuttlefish bone at wholesale prices. we are the biggest suppliers of dry seahorse and other dry seafood. 100% delivery at your door. Seahorse for sale, buy ox cow Gallstones, buy natural bezoars online. We welcome all investors and companies wishing to trade with us. Long term business relationship will be our best option in trading with investors.

We are involved in the supply of dried sea horse and other seafood products like dried Octopus, dried fish, dried sea cucumber, dried shark fins and dried fish maw. These products are well dried and we use no chemicals drying them, so they are naturally dried ( Sunlight Dried ).

we have varieties of sea cucumber and fish maw. customers should always specify what they want and their location so CIF prices can be quoted. Our products are supplied by air freight.

We are exporting countries in ASIA, (China, Japan, Korea, India, Malasia etc) and Canada, UK and Europe as a whole. with high quality & the best price of the market. Come to us, you will save much cost, you do not need to ask via any trading company, you will be guaranteed about quality of the product, because we are the producer and the exporter of the dried seafood.

Thank you for trusting us.

All our products are sunlight dried in strict sanitary conditions without chemicals or ingredients and also without any mould and mildews or worms as well as additionally no scent.

Our products are shipped well-cleaned and packed all over the world. Our shipping items include dry Seahorse, dried Sea Moss, dried jellyfish and so on.

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