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Explore some never known and significant details about seahorses

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Explore some never known and significant details about seahorses

Seahorse called as the strangest fish of the world is a matter of interest to many people. It belongs to the genus Hippocampus of the Syngnathidae family.   Different research works have done on this marine species. These research works bring forth several unusual traits about them.

Now dried seahorses have become a delicacy in different countries, including China. Want to know more about seahorse? Go through this blog!  Hope, it will increase your enthusiasm for them more.

Some Amazing Facts on Seahorse

You might hear a lot about this interesting marine species. In the following points, I have complied some most fascinating ones amidst them.

o   When it is about swimming seahorses are terrible. Their body shape prevent them form being expert swimmers. These species can die because of exhaustion in the stormy seas.

o   Plankton, small fishes are the favorite dishes of seahorses. They can identify them easily within the water for their eye movements. Both of their eyes can move independently.

o   They have their foods by the sucking process. Seahorses anchor themselves to the plankton, and seagrasses by their prehensile grasses.

o   Seahorses are monogamous.  It means they have only one partner for the whole life.

o   Male pregnancy is another feature of this species. Besides, male partners help their female partners for quick reproduction.

o   They are the rarest species in the world where males bear the child. Each seahorses couple gives birth to 1000 species per year.

o   Seahorses are superb dancers!  They become engaged in the courtship dance that includes different movements.  Yes, they dance with their partners in fascinating styles including, spinning and so on.

o   Zoologists have found several seahorse species.  Some commonly found amidst them are lined seahorse, tiger seahorse, white’s seahorse and more.

o   This marine species don’t have any stomach or teeth. Hence, seahorses have their food constantly to remain alive.

o   Seahorses come in different sizes. Their size varies from one-quarter inch to one foot.

o   The body profile of this marine species is exclusive. They have the skeleton of a horse’s face and an inwardly moving tail.

Usage of dry seahorse

However, after you know the theoretical facts of this marine species, you might feel interested to know the usage. When it is about usage, dried ones are the best options. You can buy them from an online store. However, most people use them as medicines and foods.

Medicinal usage of Dry Seahorse

Seahorses can cure several health problems according to Chinese medicines. They can treat kidney diseases, joint pains, circulatory problems, impotence, and other problems. Seahorses also work as the detoxifier and cleanser.

 Dry seahorses as foods

 Dry seahorses are one of the most popular dishes in China. You can find several dishes prepared by this marine species on different occasions. Be it a new year celebration or a birthday party seahorse dishes are must-have options.

Hope, all this information might increase your interest in this rare marine species.   Know about them in detail from other articles and blogs.

Varieties of Oysters- satisfying the taste buds of oyster lovers

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From creamy to briny, tasty to delicate, there is an oyster for every foodie. You can have it in different forms including, dried, raw, baked, grilled, fried, and more. You also can match oysters with tasty sauces to make them tastier. In the following lines of today’s blog, let’s know about some edible dried oysters in brief.

 Main oyster species you can choose from

 Here are some oysters that can satisfy the taste buds of oyster lovers. Know them in brief.

Japanese oysters– They are large sweet, and come with a creamy texture. Japanese oysters are rich in taste, and the mineral flavors.   Harvesters farm them in the West Coasts of the U.S. For serving the raw bars,  people harvest them in the smaller stage.

Atlantic oysters- Atlantic oysters,  better known as  Virginicas, are famous for their fruity and salty flavor.  They come with different varieties such as Wellfleet Blue Points and more.  They are native to the East coasts.

Kumamoto oysters– You can find them on the West Coast. They are named after a famous Japanese island of Kyushu. Kumamoto oysters are an excellent choice for the first time oyster tasters.

Olympias- These quarter-sized oysters were disappeared in the early of 1900 because of the over-harvesting, and other problems. They are the only oysters, native to the West Coast of North America. Now, it has become a trend to protect the wild Olympias oysters.

European flat– Experts found this oyster species in Europe in 1950. Now oyster harvesters harvest this species on both coasts of Europe. Oyster sellers also call it Belons. Genuine Belons come from the Brittany region of France, and they are preferable amidst all the oyster lovers. Most foodies like them for the delicious taste that is more than mineral-like and briny.

 These are a few popular varieties of oysters that have been satisfying the taste buds of all the oyster lovers for a long. When it is about enjoying the taste of this dry seafood to the fullest, you can try dried oysters.

Now, the popularity of them increases, and several online stores offer them on sale.  You can buy dried oysters for sale online to purchase it at an affordable cost.  While buying the dried oyster online, considers these facts.

Facts to consider when buying  dried oysters online

  1. Check the product varieties and quality s before purchasing.
  2. Buy dried oysters always from a reliable shop.
  3. Don’t compromise with the product quality for saving money.
  4. Check the payment and delivery options carefully.
  5. Don’t forget to check the available product range.

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 8 Facts about seahorses you might not know

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The gorgeous and mighty seahorse is a well known marine species that dates back to Greek Mythology. You can find them in Homer’s Iliad pulling the chariot of Poseidon.   Scientists named it after a fish, with horse head and caterpillar body. Don’t you find this information sufficient? Well, don’t worry, check this blog. Dive into some little known or unknown facts about this marine species and feel mesmerized.

Some exciting information on  seahorse

Here is some significant information on the seahorses. Keep on reading.

Seahorses are available all over the world

Many people think that seahorses are available in tropical areas. The truth is you can find it almost everywhere all over the world, including New Zealand, and the UK.

Seahorses Can Be Camouflaged

Yes, this animal uses the camouflage technique to match the surroundings. Some seahorses come with little spines on their heads a.k.a   coronet. They help them in this process.

 They don’t eat much

Seahorses are not foodies.   They need little food to eat.  Favorite dishes of this animal include plankton, fish larvae, and so on.  Seahorses don’t have any teeth. They have their foods by the sucking process. Seahorses suck foods through the snouts. Their eating process would be similar to have meals with straws.

Seahorses Are Slow Swimmers

 Seahorses can’t swim quickly. Seahorses can swim about five feet every hour. Besides, they are defensive.

 You can eat dry seahorses

Dry seahorse is a delicious dish. It also comes with several health benefits. Now Chinese Medicines use them as medicines for this reason. Now several online seafood shops retail it. You can go for it if you love to buy dry seafoods online.

Seahorses Come With Monogamous Nature

Monogamous nature defines seahorses. Seahorses are also well-known for male pregnancy. As the members of the Syngnathidae family, they are the only species that have this feature They come together in the breeding session each morning to perform a prolonged mating dance.

Their dancing sessions include several activities, such as signing, circling each other, tale entwining, and so on. Seahorse babies come with a fully formed body. They become independent of the parents within 45 days.

Seahorse Populations is Dropping Radically

Sad truth is, the population of this marine species is decreasing. As per the project seahorse show, the population has get dropped between 30% to 50 % within the past few years.

Seahorses Come with several sizes

Seahorses come in different sizes. The smallest seahorse is Indonesia’s Satomi’s pygmy seahorse (Hippocampus satomiae). The size of this seahorse is  13.8 mm. The biggest seahorse species is available in Australia. It can grow up to 35 cm long.

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buy dry sea foods online

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Interested in fresh and quality dried seafood? Buy them online

Dry seafood is now emerging as a popular delicacy all over the world. They not only satisfy the taste buds but also come with several health benefits. However, now many people prefer to buy dry seafood online, due to several advantages. Yes, when it is about the buying source, most people rely on reputed online stores.

Now different virtual shops sell the best quality and different seafood. Know a few varieties amidst them and some online buying mistakes in the next lines.

What are the common seafood you can buy online

Fish maw- Fish maw refers to the dried swim bladders that come from a large fish such as a croaker. When it is about taste, it is tasteless, but it is a complementary addition to different dishes. It is a rich source of collagen and comes with several skin benefits. Fish maw is a popularly served dishes on several occasions such as Chinese New year and more.

Dry seahorseDry seahorse is another seafood admired by every seafood lover. It is edible and also comes with several medicinal benefits. Chinese medicines use dry seahorses as natural Viagra. Researches prove it helps in curing several health problems. Some of these issues include asthma, sexual dysfunction, and more. You can purchase this item from an online shop at a reasonable cost.

Sea cucumber- Many Asian countries find a delicacy in this food. People confuse it with sea vegetables many times, but in reality, it is a marine animal. Sea cucumber has a soft, and tubular body similar to large worms. You can use it as food also. You can have it in several forms, such as pickle, raw, and fried. Considering the increasing demand for it, now several virtual shops sell this seafood.

Here the list does not end. Besides these items, you can buy other seafood such as dried oysters, dried squid, dried sea cucumber from an online shop. Check the following part before you place your order for these seafoods. Try to keep these pitfalls at bay while buying them online.

Major mistakes to avoid while buying dried seafood online

  1. Don’t forget to check the reputation of the shop before placing your order.
  2. Don’t hurry. Do research work on several online seafood shops before finalizing any shop.
  3. Price is significant, but it is not everything. Hence, try to give more significance to the product quality than the rate.
  4. Never place your order without checking the product quality. You can get an idea about this by checking the customer reviews available on the websites.

I hope keeping these mistakes in mind will help you to buy quality seafoods. You can approach us if you think of buying varieties of delicious seafood.

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The essentials you must know before buying dry sea foods online

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Eating dry sea food is undoubtedly good for health. But when it comes to purchasing, the initial thought comes to people’s minds is the quality. That is why it is highly advisable to make your purchase from a reputable online store. They offer top-quality dry sea food and have a wide range of collections.

So, are you willing to buy dry sea foods online? Then, explore their collection first in the following passage!

Different dry sea foods offered by online stores

Check out the subsequent points to explore the collection of dry sea foods offered by the virtual stores.

Dry seahorse

Seahorse is a marine animal you will find in the ocean. Many people love to eat dry seahorse nowadays. It offers several health benefits. It is very effective in the treatment of asthenia, fatigue, asthma, respiratory disease, knee and back pain, pimples. In addition, a dry sea horse is also beneficial in regulating human blood, kidney pitch. However, if you want to buy this, you can opt for alcohol-soaked dried seahorse.

Dry jellyfish

The virtual stores offer dry jellyfish in different sizes such as 150-200g, 300-500g. Eating dry seafood can have a positive impact on health. It is highly nutritious and contains many substances good for health. You can serve dry jellyfish by chopping this into small pieces. And boil it to have a crunchy texture. It contains collagen that is very beneficial to treat arthritis.

Dried sea cucumber

Dry sea cucumber is high in protein. It can help you stabilize your blood sugar level. It comes with many powerful substances effective for your health. It is low in calories. Therefore, if you are struggling to lose your weight, you can purchase dry sea cucumber. In addition, it is a great source of anti-oxidants and vitamin B.

Dried oyster

If you are planning to buy dry sea foods online, you must include dried oysters in your list. This sea food provides you with several unique nutrients and minerals. It contains more zinc than the other sea foods. Zinc is essential to strengthening the immune system. Dried oyster is also very good for the heart as it contains potassium and magnesium.

Now, read the following lines to know why to purchase these online.

Why contact online stores for purchasing dry sea foods?

The online stores offer high-quality dry sea foods. They dry sea foods under strict sanitary conditions. Most importantly, they don’t add any chemicals and scent to these.

The virtual stores provide fast delivery services for all orders. But, the delivery speed depends on the time of order and quantity.

They offer dry sea foods at an affordable price to their customers.

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You can contact Buy Dry Seahorse, an eminent online store. We are committed to offering the best-quality dry sea foods. So, if you want to buy dry sea foods online, we will provide you with an ideal solution. Before placing your order, you can read our other blogs to know more about our products.

Buy dried jellyfish online and enjoy its amazing health benefits

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With growing pollution, health is becoming affected by many diseases. It starts with a simple ignorance that you make daily because of your hectic schedule. You just need to be little health-conscious to keep you hale and hearty. To achieve your goal, you can buy dried jellyfish online. It comprises healthy proteins and vitamins beneficial for your health. How??? Get your answers below.

How can dried jellyfish improve your health?

Well, there is no gainsaying that jellyfish contains amazing healthy nutrients that can improve your health as well. Have a look at the following passages to gain more knowledge in brief:

Ageing treatment

Well, according to many researches after 30 years of age, the ageing process gets faster, especially in women. You often use many beauty products and administer medicine to sustain your younger look. Dried jellyfish can slow down your ageing process with an amount of consumption. It can offer you a younger look than you are. Isn’t it amazing!!!

Enhance cognition

Calcium is a crucial mineral to keep your bone mineral density and nervous system maintained. It is also beneficial to counteract your age. If you will buy dried jellyfish online and consume it at a specific amount, your brain cells will be regenerated. It will keep your brain hale and hearty.

Increase memory power

With your increased age, brain memory gets lower by years. Dried jellyfish contains enough vitamins and minerals to keep the brain memory sustained and increased. It comprises a higher amount of protein in its body. Hence, with the consumption of dried jellyfish, you can experience a sharp memory and focus in your life.

Promoting collagen

An ample amount of vitamin C is present in the dried jellyfish. It helps to enhance the metabolism rates in the body responsible for reducing excess fat in the body. In addition, it will make you look younger. So, no more wait!! Look into online sites to buy driedjellyfish today!!

Weight loss

This seafood is a huge source of protein. It contains a low-calorie and regenerating cell element. It reduces fat and maintains healthy muscles along with exercises.

Now it’s time for online purchase. However, make sure you are considering some essential things while buying dried jellyfish online.

What to check while dried jellyfish online

Follow these guidelines while looking for dried jellyfish online. Such as follows:

  1. The company you have chosen to buy jellyfish, make sure they maintain sanitation and hygiene during its drying process. Go to their web page and learn about the procedures. The jellyfish must be kept for drying in the sunlight
  2. Are the company supplying high-quality dried jellyfish? Check the clients’ testimonials on the company website. It can help you gain some knowledge regarding the quality of the service and products they sell.
  3. Ask them about their payment method if it is convenient for you.

Well, if you are looking for any reputed online site to buy dried jellyfish, you can go for Buy Dry Seahorse. They sustain sanitation and hygiene while keep the jellyfish for drying. So, what keeps you waiting!!!

Safety Tips to Make You Get Cow Gallstones Online

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In recent years, there’s been an uprising demand for cow gallstones in various countries of the world. Several pharmaceutical companies and researchers are applying their resources to get pure cow gallstones. Generally, gallstones are useful for research work and manufacturing medicines. However, their availability is rare as compared to the demand making it a tough job.

These are difficult to access through a conventional store. However, a quick and easy way is to purchase these from a reliable online cattle gallstone supplier. With this post, we will guide you through some tips to safely.

Can You Rely on Online Shop for Buying Cow Gallstone?

Online buying of cow gallstones is the best method to attain quality products at the best price. It not only saves you money but also comes with other added benefits. Nowadays, the internet is flooded with various online shops promising to offer cow gallstones. Some also involve fake online suppliers who want to make money on trapping the customers.

But, you can stay on the safe side by keeping a check on some tips we have given in the next segment.

Tips to Choose an Online Shop for Buying Cow Gallstone

While going to buy cow gallstones from an online store, look for the stores that offer quality products. It sounds like a tough job unless you follow these tips:

  1. At first, visit a website having a valid URL and company name. You may search amongst the top-ranking displays of the webpage. Go through all the pages of the website that describe their business.
  1. Go through the available stock of cow gallstone to check their size, condition, and rate. You may compare the price with other online suppliers to learn if the deal is too good to believe.
  1. Select an online store that offers customer reviews on their website. Read the client’s comments carefully to learn about their service and quality of products.
  1. Every online store has a set of delivery and returns policy. Read the pages and the content carefully before placing the order for the cow gallstones. Remember not to share your details in the online form unless you get sure about it.
  1. While opting for online transactions make sure to set a strong password for your account. Never disclose your account details and password to the online supplier as a genuine supplier will never ask for it.
  1. Make the payment using safe and valid payment methods such as debit or credit cards. You may also check for other valid payment methods the supplier may accept.

Aren’t these tips simple enough to help you in buying genuine quality cow gallstones? We suggest to checking these points while buying the products from our online store. Buy DrySeahorse is one of the leading online suppliers of cow and ox gallstones that ship its products worldwide. We offer genuine, clean, and high-quality cow gallstones at an affordable rate. So if you want to learn more about our products do visit us and place the order.

All you need to know before buying seahorse for sale online

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Seahorses are small fish of saltwater that are used as a tonic food in the traditional medicine of China. Well, this seafood is popular across the world for its medical attributes. If you are interested in consuming this food, search for the online stores that offer seahorse for sale.

Check out different medical usage of seahorses

Have a look at the points discussed below to get acquainted with the medical usage of seahorses.

  1. Different studies and biomedical validation research have proved that a sea horse contains the ability to cure arthritis. Each piece of seahorse also comprises peptide derived from Cathepsin. The peptide, Hippocampus kuda, can cure inflammation and arthritis properly.
  2. Sea horse is a great source of testosterone that makes it capable of curing many ailments. Researches show that it works effectively on infertility and impotence. Besides this, it is also beneficial to eliminate other illnesses such as kidney problems, asthma, skin problems, lethargy, liver issues and more.
  3. Consuming seahorses can be beneficial for those who want to get rid of aging effects. It contains putative free radical scavenging effects that can reduce your aging-related effects. So, what are you waiting for!!! Buy a seahorse for sale today!!!

Well, as it was advisable before that online is a better option while looking for seahorses but make sure you are purchasing high-quality sea horses. To maintain the supreme quality, you need to take some facts into consideration. Carry on reading!!!

What should you consider before looking for a seahorse for sale online?

Have a look at the following points to choose the right online stores to buy a sea horse. Such as:


Yes, as said before, while buying seahorses, look for supreme quality that may cost you higher. But would you like to spend all your bucks on this??? Certainly not!!! So, it will be a wise decision to look into different online stores and compare their rates. It will help you choose the right online store within your means. Isn’t it a great idea!!!


To assure about the quality of the seahorse, you can go through the reviews posted on the testimonial page. It can provide you some ideas regarding the quality of seahorses sold by the company. Try to avoid those sites that contain less positive reviews.


Do some research before visiting a virtual seafood store!!! It’s because you will come across may virtual stores of sea horse but not all are genuine suppliers. So, don’t make a rush!!!! Take time to gain more knowledge about the online seafood store you are selecting.


Go through the terms and conditions regarding the payment method of the site. Make sure you are choosing reliable payment methods such as credit or debit cards and more. If you don’t get suitable alternatives, look for some other store.

A reliable online store to contact

Buy Dry Seahorse is a reliable online store for seafood. They are offering seahorses for sale at competitive rates. Visit us to place your order today!!!

The History of cow gallstones

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What is ocean horse? what’s it used for?

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