8 Facts about seahorses you might not know

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The gorgeous and mighty seahorse is a well known marine species that dates back to Greek Mythology. You can find them in Homer’s Iliad pulling the chariot of Poseidon.   Scientists named it after a fish, with horse head and caterpillar body. Don’t you find this information sufficient? Well, don’t worry, check this blog. Dive into some little known or unknown facts about this marine species and feel mesmerized.

Some exciting information on  seahorse

Here is some significant information on the seahorses. Keep on reading.

Seahorses are available all over the world

Many people think that seahorses are available in tropical areas. The truth is you can find it almost everywhere all over the world, including New Zealand, and the UK.

Seahorses Can Be Camouflaged

Yes, this animal uses the camouflage technique to match the surroundings. Some seahorses come with little spines on their heads a.k.a   coronet. They help them in this process.

 They don’t eat much

Seahorses are not foodies.   They need little food to eat.  Favorite dishes of this animal include plankton, fish larvae, and so on.  Seahorses don’t have any teeth. They have their foods by the sucking process. Seahorses suck foods through the snouts. Their eating process would be similar to have meals with straws.

Seahorses Are Slow Swimmers

 Seahorses can’t swim quickly. Seahorses can swim about five feet every hour. Besides, they are defensive.

 You can eat dry seahorses

Dry seahorse is a delicious dish. It also comes with several health benefits. Now Chinese Medicines use them as medicines for this reason. Now several online seafood shops retail it. You can go for it if you love to buy dry seafoods online.

Seahorses Come With Monogamous Nature

Monogamous nature defines seahorses. Seahorses are also well-known for male pregnancy. As the members of the Syngnathidae family, they are the only species that have this feature They come together in the breeding session each morning to perform a prolonged mating dance.

Their dancing sessions include several activities, such as signing, circling each other, tale entwining, and so on. Seahorse babies come with a fully formed body. They become independent of the parents within 45 days.

Seahorse Populations is Dropping Radically

Sad truth is, the population of this marine species is decreasing. As per the project seahorse show, the population has get dropped between 30% to 50 % within the past few years.

Seahorses Come with several sizes

Seahorses come in different sizes. The smallest seahorse is Indonesia’s Satomi’s pygmy seahorse (Hippocampus satomiae). The size of this seahorse is  13.8 mm. The biggest seahorse species is available in Australia. It can grow up to 35 cm long.

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