5 Significant FAQS About Dried Shrimp- Answered Here!

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Asian cuisines are admired all over the world due to their rich taste and varieties. They consist of different delicious ingredients, and dried shrimp is significant amidst them. Beginning from dumplings to soup, this helps in adding an extra delicacy to these cuisines.

However, if you love to satisfy your taste buds with seafood, it is a must-have item for you. But like many seafood lovers, several questions might lurk into your mind regarding this item. In today’s blog, I have tried to answer to few of them. Keep on reading.

Know dried shrimp in detail

  1. Dried shrimp preparation

Shrimp get transformed into dried ones after getting soaked in the water. Saltwater works as a natural preservative. After that, they are dried in the sun for a few days. Shrimp comes with different sizes, and their usage varies according to that. For instance- larger ones are perfect for flavoring soups, whereas small ones are a preferable alternative for dumpling filling.

  1. How to recognize the fresh dried shrimp?

These days, both online and physical shops stock this seafood. So, choosing the genuine product amidst so many options might seem problematic.  Before you are going to buy this, consider its color. Fresh and quality shrimp should come with impressive orange color.

Shrimp with a faded orange color and tiny white spots indicate the improper drying and long storing. Hence, before buying this item, consider the color, regardless of the size.

  1. How to store dried shrimp rightly?

Refrigeration is the best means to store this seafood. You can refrigerate shrimp easily for four to five months. In case you buy them in packets, don’t keep them directly in your refrigerator.  Cut them and store shrimp in a jar and store in the fridge.

  1. Different ways to make use of dried shrimp

As said before, this seafood can add delicacy to different cuisines.  And the use of them varies from one culture to another. When it comes to Burmese cuisines, shrimp are soaked, drained, and then crushed into small pieces. Using ‘’Shrimp Pulp’’ is a common practice in these cuisines.

In most of the cultures, dried shrimp works a flavoring item of several dishes. Some popular amidst them are stir-fries, dumplings, and so on.

  1. What are the common varieties of dried shrimp?

You can separate this seafood into three categories. They are:

Shelled shrimp

Shell-on shrimp

Tiny- shell-on shrimp

When it comes to the cooking purpose, shelled varieties are used. Cantonese cuisines classify shrimp into several grades. The higher-grade denotes the better quality and larger size.  And the price increases with size.

Final Thoughts

I hope this information provided on dried shrimp has helped to enhance your knowledge about this item. If you think of having this amazing seafood, you may place an order from our store. We stock only the properly- dried, fresh, and clean shrimp. Buy them and enjoy the real taste of genuine dried shrimp.

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